Monday, January 19, 2009

Web Watch from the Physics Today and Inhalants (a otra topico)

compiled and edited by Charles Day

Solve Puzzles for Science

An open-source nanotechnology recipe for magnetite nanocrystals requires only such simple ingredients as olive oil, lye, olive oil soap, vinegar, oleic acid, crystal drain opener, and rust.

is this called nanoremediation?


Women in Higher Education

you know how i "killed" the stench fromdead insects, molds forming in stagnant water that my branch of Zamio Zamiifolia was in (a coconut aluminum can)? by using Glade btterfly garden spray-fragrant flowers;

question: what is in it?

couldn't they use compressed air instead of butane or propane in spray cans like canola oil spray or glade mists or scented sprays...

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